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Trusting the process. Challenges that our brain creates.

The essential idea of the concept "Trusting the process" is very easy. Your focus and attention are here in the present moment, directed to the thing that you're doing.

That means, that you dedicate all of your focus, attention and "power" to do this thing and in the end you accomplish the task.

Easy, right?

The goal is to finish. And you achieve it through the process. So the goal is the process at the first place.

Let it soak in.

Because being focused on the process leads to finish.

Simple as that.

But our brain likes to give us some challenges. Our mind always goes wondering: "What if...?" Or just simple "Why...?".

And that, of course, distracts us, leads our focus away and guess what? Right. We don't accomplish that thing.

And the first circle of beating ourselves up begins. So we are postponing the process, postponing the finish.

If you think about it for another minute, you will see that the though is stopping us, blocking us.
But good news are: we can stop the though.

Yes we can. And world will still be at the same place. As you, if you don't stop it and start acting.

Looking at the process like this makes it simple and allows you to bring your attention back.

Things get complicated where the end task sounds more than "write a text, edit a video, clean the room, cook a meal".

For example "build a business" or "become healthier".

Because the end-goal consist of million small tasks.

You just need to define those tasks, those steps. Prioritise.
And the complication occurs when you have to decide which one to do first, how it should be done to take you to the desired result.
So in this article I want to break it down.

I am now in the process of building a business. And as it's not my first one, I learned something that became amazingly helpful to not loose a motivation, to keep trust in the process and to understand what the fuck it means.

I like to use analogy: imagine you're building a home.

As it's something physical there are rules that you have to follow in order to build a house.

The same thing works with everything you do.

Let me explain.

You wouldn't start building your house from the roof, right? You most likely would leave everything that comes to the roof to the end stage of the process.

Of course, once you creating a project for your house, you will create a model of the roof. Home can not exist without the roof. But in the process of building a home you might want to change the shape of it or materials.

But roof is gonna be there for sure. So you will definitely plan a budget for it and might even ask yourself if you would like to have a solar panels. And in that case the shape of the roof will be dictated by this desire.

But the fact is the fact: you will have a roof.

You most likely will start building your home by finding a land, the placement. And creating a visualisation for it.

This analogy can be transposed to the business: first, you will find the market that you want to operate in. Business is a shape itself. However there are different business-models. So after researching the market, "finding a land" you will go to the creating or "visualising" of the model/business.

Or to the room cleaning: you would love to define where things should be placed. So you imagine how your room will look like, how you like it to be. Defined by some "rules": how many drawers you have, how many things, how many shelves and where you would like to put decoration.

Unlikely that you will start vacuuming the floor and clean dust when your clothes are on the floor.

Or start putting beautiful things on a dusty surface.

Once done with it, the next steps become more obvious.

You have a land, you have a project, now you need to execute.

You start building a foundation. In business it will be the product, then audience, then offering.

With cleaning a room it will be collecting all the clothes and putting them into places, maybe putting some of it to laundry.

Or if we think about getting healthier or start learning a language. You will want to define your current position, current state. Do you need to loose weight? And if you want to study language for work or for other purposes?

Depending on this, your first steps and approach might different. But the core will be the same: you will have to dedicate time and focus to preparing your meals, or exercises, or expanding your vocabulary, or have more speaking practice.

But the one thing is not arguable, the whole thing that you would like to do has its own rules and sequences of actions.

Land and basement first.

Rome wasn't built in a day, homes are not built within 24 hours after you thought about it etc, etc.

Trusting the process means that you trust in facts: if you do things, if you dedicate your time and attention to each tasks, making step by step progress - you will get where you want and what you want.

Simplify things, use analogy and help brain to simplify things so that it's gonna be simple for you to do.

And remember, things should not be and never will be perfect at first. But you always can improve it. Step by step.

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