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Development. Period.

Hello, my beautiful and almost free human beings.

As this challenging year comes to an end it's time to reflect on some crucial collective and personal topics that have been flying all around the air.

As there are a few more days before we turn the page and leave this year of choices and emotional challenges behind, let's take a brief look back and look at some things we've learned and some things it would be better to let go of in the upcoming cycle.

2022 from the numerological perspective and based on the Major Arcana matrix was a year called "The Choice".

This year's number is 6 which refers us to Major Arcana's "The Lovers" which represents a choice and relationships.

On the top level of existence, where we have world structures such as countries, finances, law, legal structures etc, we had the following events:

- Johnny Depp and Amber Herd trial. Team Amber, Team Depp and all about relationships.

- The War: Russia invaded Ukraine. The Good, The Bad and relationships between two nations, that the world counted as "neighbours".

- AI & Humans. Rises up a crucial topic, that a lot of non-fiction writers and dreamers, as well as scientists and regular human beings, were talking about: what are our relationships as homo sapiens with artificial intelligence?

It's not a full list, but enough to represent the tendencies.

On a personal level, a lot of people were struggling with finding a direction in life, what they want to do, and what they want to become.

Unfolding a lot of inner layers and thriving to find the authenticity inside, humanity was at the same time in the period of recovering from the pandemic, and literally re-learning how to be authentic beings, how to function in society, dealing with social anxiety after amazingly long isolation and trying to find the path they should choose.

As a lot of opportunities have been presented during the pandemic, especially in the employment and financial fields. Such as re-wiring minds and opening gates towards self-employment and online business, switching from long-existed patterns of 925 to entrepreneurship and almost free financial existence as crypto and stock traders.

Another gate to evaluating mind and spirit was opened. More people awakened towards spiritual practices and looked deep into their minds and souls. To make a choice, to feel a purpose, to cut off what doesn't serve and let go of connections that held them back.

In the last quarter of the year, especially in December, the new cycle of craziness raised up. For those who were able to make a step forward and evolve themselves above the crazy state of seeing signs everywhere and being completely out-of-tune - it's been a hard path. It's been a time when boundaries were tested as never before, and it seemed like it was impossible to hold on longer. And, unfortunately, some of them couldn't. This month I heard about 2 attempts of suicide, and 1 of them, unfortunately, was successful.

It's been a year of testing everyone in every possible area of life. And it seemed hard, as this year was a year of development. Extremely overwhelming year: high demand with no clarity.

It was a year of a choice between heaven and hell, between past and future, between love and pride, and between friendship and habit.

However, my sweet doughnuts, it's just 5 days until the full relaxation.

Most of us should have already passed all the tests our beautiful Universe prepared for us, and we are moving towards the next journey.

Development is not easy, as it's the most difficult part. When you have to come from an idea to the stage of starting actual work. Calculating, theorizing, measuring, discussing, deciding, choosing, accepting.

2023 will come under the number 7 which refers us to Major Arcana - "The Chariot".

This Arcana represents overcoming conflict and moving towards a positive direction.

For those who do their job properly, facing their own demons, healing, letting go, accepting and redirecting their minds, 2023 will be a bit more clear. As The Chariot represents movement and the need to keep going: through sheer hard work and commitment you will be victorious.

So, my lovely doughnuts, it's time to cocoon for a bit in the holiday week and come out as a gorgeous bee.

Take rest now, appreciate yourself for the hard work you've done, and let's enjoy the development stage and watch how your dreams are building up.

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